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Friday, August 31, 2012

Organizing my fabric and sewing supplies

Last weekend, I spend time organizing my fabric stash and sewing supplies. The time was well spent! I keep my stash in a closet and I had so much stuff in there, I could not see the floor. I was using bags to store my fabrics, but my stash got too big to keep using that system. Here's my new system:

New organization using a metal shelf unit. Photo by Shelby.

Clear bins, so I can see the fabric. Photo by Shelby.

Comic book boards wrapped in fabric. Photo by Shelby.

Canvas bins for storage. Photo by Shelby.

Organizing your sewing stuff can be overwhelming, but it can be done. I've been researching organization options for months. I considered my personal habits, needs, and space I had available. I picked a system that will work for me.

I also decided to sort most of my fabrics by color. People store their fabrics differently, but sorting by color is easy and simple. Now, I know where to find what I need quickly.

KMQG Fabric Scrap Swap

My guild is doing a fabric scrap swap. Everyone that participated took some of their favorite scraps and put them in a bag along with a card indicating a desired project (i.e. push cushion, pot holder, etc.). After that, we all drew someone else's bag secretly, so no one knows who got whose bag of scraps.

The bag of scraps I drew is a rainbow! The quilter whose bag I have also indicated no project preference. So, I will make whatever I think would be a good fit for the scraps!

KMQG Scrap Swap
The swaps I have to work with. Photo by Shelby.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Wonky "Stacked Coins" Quilt (Part 1)

Currently, I'm working on a wonky "Stacked Coins" Quilt. I chose a yellow-orange-grey color scheme. The quilt is composed of 9 blocks, but each block is different.

One of the wonky coin blocks. Photo by Shelby.

Quilt Layout. Photo by Shelby.
The clothesline fabric is "Far Far Away" by Heather Ross It's a cotton-linen blend and wonderful to work with. It's soft, adds another layer of visual interest, but it does not stretch as much as 100% linen.