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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Improvisational Charity Block

I recently finished a charity block for a guild project. We had to pick fabrics according to a swatch. The swatch included hues of yellow-green, blue, and grey. These were my fabric picks:

Photo by Shelby.
I did some improvisational piecing and came up with the following block:

Photo by Shelby.
I did a little stair-stepping and free-styled the rest.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Color Wheel Project: Orange, Yellow-Orange, and Yellow

The last part of summer was really busy, so I need to catchup on my color wheel project! I went shopping and got some fat quarters in orange, yellow-orange, and yellow to cover July through September.

Orange-Yellow fat quarter rainbow. Photo by Shelby.
Close-ups of oranges and yellow-oranges. Photo by Shelby.

Close-ups of yellow-oranges and yellows. Photo by Shelby.

The difference between orange and yellow-orange can be subtle, so I used my color wheel carefully. I have a EK Rainbow Color Selector that has arrows and spins, so I can play around with color combinations. Having a color wheel in hand is helpful to select fabrics according to color and test color combinations.

These orange months are really important, because orange is the color I have the least of in my stash. I picked some designer fabrics, fun prints, and some solids to make my stash more versatile. Having a good mix is important, because you never know what kind of fabric you'll need in a future project.

KMQG Fabric Scrap Swap II

I finished the scrap project I was working on for the guild.

I saw this Autumn Pillow from Cluck Cluck Sew and wanted to make one for the scrap project. If you like the idea, follow Cluck Cluck Sew's tutorial. I didn't follow the tutorial, because I like making things without directions. I saw the photo of the finished project and made something similar:

Autumn Pillow on the couch. Photo by Shelby.

I used paper templates for the leaves. Photo by Shelby.

Pocket on the back instead of a zipper. Photo by Shelby.
The pillow cover I made is aprox. 18 in x 18 in and fits a 16 in x 16 in pillow. If I could do it again, I would have used larger leaves. Doing applique on smaller pieces of fabric isn't easy! I hand sewed a few leaves, but machine sewed the rest.

Always think of ways to use those scraps. The pieces I used in this project weren't that big.