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Monday, December 17, 2012

Visit to local quilt shop: Material Girls Quilt Shoppe

It's December and I'm embarking on holiday travels. Like any quilter out-of-town I've sought great quilt shops!

I'm here in Wichita, Kansas and made my way to Material Girls Quilt Shoppe. This quilt shop was amazing. Its sited downtown in a renovated store front with an interior as beautiful as the fabric. Rows of colorful, contemporary fabric filled the space with high ceilings and exposed brick walls. 

If you visit this quilt shop while in Wichita, you will not be disappointed. 

Material Girls Quilt Shoppe. Photo from allpeoplequilt
Turtle pin cushion on the front counter. Photo by Shelby.
Me at the Material Girls Quilt Shoppe. 

Material Girls was featured in the Fall 2012 edition of Quilt Sampler magazine.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Bridal Quilt (Part 1)

One of my very good friends is getting married in summer 2013 and I am coordinating a group gift. What is the group gift? A quilt, of course!

I thought of a design that will bring together blocks representing each bridesmaid and other important women in the bridal party. I asked everyone to give me an article of clothing/textile that represents herself that I can incorporate into a quilt block. I choose a t-shirt I wore to a University of Tennessee (UT) Women's basketball game that I took the bride to. The bride likes UT Women's basketball.

Shirt I wore that will go into the bridal quilt. Photo by Shelby.
The shirt has some small bleach stains on the bottom, so I don't like to wear it. Now, it can be useful in this quilt!

I will continue posting about this bridal quilt as others give me textiles to include in it and as I make it.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wonky "Stacked Coins" Quilt Finished!

I finally finished the wonky stacked coins quilt I've been working on. It's my best quilt yet! I like how the warm and neutral colors go together with the blue-green binding. I also like the straight line quilting.

Photo by Shelby.

Photo by Shelby.

Photo by Shelby.

Photo by Shelby.

Photo by Shelby.