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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Quilting Gifts from Christmas 2012

I got so many great quilting gifts during the Christmas 2012 season! Fabrics, accessories and even a Janome sewing machine!

The best gift is my Janome 3160QDC! It's a wonderful machine. It runs smoothly, has an array of stitches and many other features that quilters enjoy. I started some piecing after Christmas and I like how it sews so far. I look forward to quilting more with my Janome.

My new Janome 3160QDC. Photo by Shelby.
 In addition to my machine, I got several accessories and fabrics that I am very excited about. I got a sewing project bag made with Dritz fabric. It's a cozy bag that will help me carry projects in a more organized way. I added a new color wheel to my inventory too. I already had one, but this one had different features for color coordinating. In late November, I landed the highly sought after 2013 Moda Calender towel from an eBay seller. I'm so glad I found one of these before it sold out. I like the color and simplicity of the towel. Lastly,  got a number of exciting fabrics. One of my favorites is from the "Cruzin" line by Barbara Jones for Henry Glass & Company Fabrics. I'm a sucker for bicycle fabric ("tela con bicicletas" en Español) for some reason. 

Sewing project bag. Photo by Shelby
New color wheel to coordinate fabrics . Photo by Shelby.
The 2013 Moda Calender towel. Photo by Shelby.
All 12 months on the towel. Photo by Shelby.
 Kaufman fat quarter bundle. Photo by Shelby.
Misc. bright colored fabrics. Photo by Shelby.
¡Más tela con bicicletas! Photo by Shelby.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Saint Louis Art Museum

Over the holidays I stopped by the Saint Louis Art Museum (SLAM). I was impressed by the museum's layout--three generous floors with two wings. The museum had a fair blend of different art styles. As always, I enjoyed the modern art. But I also enjoyed some Spanish-Islamic tile, impressionist and African art.

Largest room of the modern art exhibit at SLAM. Photo by Shelby.

What speaks to me? What is it that I like about the art I am drawn to? Usually, I am inspired by simplicity, bold color, and finding the beauty in every day objects. Some pieces I like have all three of these features, while others just have one. I like the simplicity and familiarity of "Still Life" (see below). While de Vlaminck's use of bold colors in "Le Havre" is beautiful to me. I also like the geometry, color and elegance of Islamic mosaics found in Spain, Morocco, and other countries. And for some reason stout, round vases and vessels appeal to me.

"Still Life" (1953-54) by Giorgio Morandi. Photo by Shelby.

"Factory" (c.1949) by Emilio Vedova. Photo by Shelby.

Tiles from mid-16th century Spain. Photo by Shelby.

First half of 16th century cuenca tiles. Photo by Shelby.

"Le Havre" (1906) by Maurice de Vlaminck. Photo by Shelby.

Nupe terracotta water or wine vessel. Photo by Shelby.

3D art from Tejo Remy. Photo by Shelby.