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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Bridal Quilt (Part 2)

I've made progress on my friend's bridal quilt. I got relevant fabrics or clothing from most of the bridesmaids and put a modular collage together. 

Close-up of t-shirt feature. Photo by Shelby.
 I wanted to do something different from a block-style t-shirt quilt, because all the bridesmaids did not contribute fabric and I didn't want to make it obvious who didn't. The collage allowed for all the pieces to be one unit, instead of a collection of different t-shirts/fabrics blocked together.

I had hoped to control the colors a little bit more, but with a t-shirt quilt you have to work with what you have sometimes. I decided to make the square with a different color on each side to create some method to the madness!

Some of the green patchwork. Photo by Shelby.
Some of the orange patchwork. Photo by Shelby.
Now, I have to stash the block in white and finish off the quilt!

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