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Who is "Mr. Little"?

To answer this question, I need to explain who all my family pets are. 

I branded my quilting operation in honor of my family pets, particularly Xena who died the year I began quilting. I grew up with Sydney and Xena. Cesar (a.k.a. "Mr. Little") is a new addition to the family. They inspired me to enjoy life and comforted me in hard times. I hope my quilts inspire and comfort others as my pets did for me.

 From L to R: "Mr. Little", Xena with her friend LeRoi, Sydney, and Penny.

Cesar ("Mr. Little") is our energetic little brother. He is a Yorkie-mix that my family rescued from an animal shelter in 2010. We named him after Cesar Milan. My sister gave him the nickname of Mr. Little, because he is so small (at least compared to our well-fed Cocker Spaniel, Sydney). Last time I checked, Mr. Little weighed 11 pounds. Of all the dogs he had the coolest name, so I named my quilting enterprise after him. 

Xena (1998-2010) was our dear and faithful friend. She was a black Cocker Spaniel with a beautiful spirit. Xena enjoyed spending time with family and her many toys. She died of cancer around the time I began quilting, so I wanted to honor her with my logo. 

Sydney (1998 -2012) was "my dog." Syd was as spunky, blonde Cocker Spaniel. She was sassy and loved getting attention. Barking at people, running through the sprinklers, and attacking dirty laundry were her exciting hobbies when I was growing up. We had to let her go due to complications associated with her old age. My use of the black and white color scheme is a tribute to Sydney and Xena. 

Penny Proud is the new kid on the block. She's a dog you hate to love. She enjoys bossing Mr. Little around, even at her light weight of 7 pounds! Nevertheless, her innocent spirit and tendency to sit on everyone's lap makes this pup hard to dislike! Penny is a Yorkshire Terrier that the family rescued from the local Humane Society.